Next Blog Post Written? Don’t Publish Until You Do These 5 Things!

You’ve written your blog post. Congrats! You’ve tackled the toughest part of the process – getting it written. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. But wait! DON’T HIT ‘PUBLISH’ YET! What? Why not? Because you aren’t done. There are a few more steps between getting it written and getting it… Read More »

Modern Parlance News Peruse: Jan 24 Edition

Keeping up with new developments, ideas, and trends amidst all this information overload isn’t easy. The Modern Parlance News Peruse is my small way of trying to help highlight a few of the most helpful, insightful or just downright entertaining pieces I’ve seen of late. This week, the issues of collaboration and change have caught… Read More »

A Voice in the Wilderness

In case you were still trying to decide between Amazon Echo and Google Home, Apple’s HomePod (delayed from last year) is now due in ‘early 2018.’ Now, I can’t say when ‘early 2018’ definitely is but I know what a third player in the smart speaker space definitely means. It means that voice’s share of… Read More »

5 (More) Tips for Content Creation

I think we can all agree that most businesses and organisations need to be paying actual attention social media and content marketing these days. It was fine to put it on the back burner early on; to see how this whole digital thing was all gonna shake out. But with the impact and effectiveness of… Read More »

5 Tips for Content Marketing Newbies

I’ve always tried to explain digital and content marketing in ways that non-marketers can understand. Jargon makes people nervous and puts them off. It makes them feel like things are too complicated for them.  That isn’t the type of relationship I want you to have with your content marketing. We’ve talked before about how small… Read More »

Pre-Turkey News Round Up

It’s just about the time when my friends and family back in the US are finalizing the side dishes, double checking the turkey cooking time calculations and deciding which football game to watch on the big day. Since moving to the UK, my Thanksgiving schedule is a lot less hectic so I thought I would… Read More »

Keeping Busy as Temperatures Drop

Been was a busy old time at Modern Parlance as summer came to a close and the temperatures began to drop. ON THE AIR:  Occasionally, my work and my voice escape the confines of the Modern Parlance blog network. Jones on Food & Travel Show: Over the past year or so (can’t believe it’s been… Read More »

The ‘Where Has Summer Gone?’ Update

Summer is always pretty busy around here but this summer has been especially so. Local event season started a few weeks later than usual but went from 0 to 60 in no time flat. We mentioned the first batch of events in the June update and then we got so busy in July, we didn’t… Read More »

Searching Out Stock Photos, the Sequel

Stock photos are very much on our minds here at Modern Parlance lately. To be honest, stock photos are almost always on my mind but then I need them for so many different things. But ModParlPhotos has been in stock photo mode lately too. I put that down to being busier with the camera than… Read More »

June 2017: Bustin’ Out All Over

Is it just me or did June just happen in a flash? We were so busy this month that we didn’t really slow down at any point – except briefly during the heatwave. And that’s saying something because I find it difficult to ‘get up and go’ when the weather is hot and humid. Luckily,… Read More »