A Voice in the Wilderness

By | 01/18/2018

In case you were still trying to decide between Amazon Echo and Google Home, Apple’s HomePod (delayed from last year) is now due in ‘early 2018.’ Now, I can’t say when ‘early 2018’ definitely is but I know what a third player in the smart speaker space definitely means.

It means that voice’s share of the search landscape is only going to get bigger. It means reaching prospective customers in micro-moments (‘I want to buy …’, ‘I want to find … ‘, ‘I want to eat …’) – which started with Google’s introduction of voice search and then took hold thanks to Siri – is going to be more important than ever.

How will this development and integration race between Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant effect you and your business? Optimising your local listing and mapping presence will be mission critical. It will also become increasingly important to ensure your SEO, traditionally developed to target people typing questions into online forms, takes voice recognition into account. People don’t talk in the same way they type, after all.

There will be other things that need addressing moving forward – to that extent, it’s all still a bit in flux (the Internet of Things is expanding at an astonishing rate) but Modern Parlance is keeping an eye on how it is unfolding, consulting with others and developing some ideas. When you’re ready to talk about your digital marketing, we’re ready to help.

PC Magazine did a comparison of all three last year and now that the HomePod is closer to release, people are going back to see what they said.

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