Banging On About Banbury

By | 12/15/2014

When I moved from New York City to the UK, the Greater Gotham blog underwent a transformation to Greater Gotham Going Global. It was no longer just about New York and my life there. It was about being out and about, a New Yorker on the road and around the world. I settled in Banbury and it was, not unsurprisingly, featured several times since I moved here in 2012. Here’s a quick Banbury-ish round up:


  • Festive, Foodie Banbury (Dec 2014): It is holiday time once more and I’m at home in Banbury and Banbury is all dolled up for the festivities. True, we don’t have anything like the windows at Barneys in NYC. But we have windows. Behold!
  • Banbury’s Foodie Landscape (Nov 2014): I’ve mentioned previously that one of the things we most love doing here at TransAtlantic Towers (as I always did back in NYC), is a bit of culinary exploring and a new fabulous foodie find – Bakergirl – has brought me back to you once more.
  • Bits and Bobs About Banbury (June 2014): “Get Out & Explore,” Apartment Therapy said as part of their Guide to the Perfect Summer. As one of their prompts, they asked “What is Your City’s History?”
  • Boppin’ Around Banbury (Feb 2013): I’m still very much in “explore mode” out here in the northern end of Oxfordshire so I thought I’d give you a quick run down of what and where I’ve been lately. Might as well start close to home and both these local highlights are a 10-15 slow stroll from my own front door.

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