The Shortest Month, Busy Again

Better busy than bored, I always say – no really, I say this all the time. Ask anyone. And somehow, February, short though it is always manages to be super busy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a quick update from the Modern Parlance media landscape and that’s what I have on my to do list for today.

On the Banburian, I’ve got the most recent editions of ‘Jones on Food and Travel‘ for your listening pleasure. What is it, you ask? A travel and food show hosted by photographer and travel writer Peter Jones who was kind enough to invite me to do a weekly spot called Deborah Dishes on Food. I’ve talked Peach Melba, food worth traveling for, national dishes and wacky food festivals. Also – I get to be a food taster every other week. We’ve tried everything from cheese to Caribbean food, fish and chips to pork pies. And chocolate. My goodness, the chocolate.



Busy as a Summer Bee

Time for a “Summer is Almost Over” update about what has been happening across the Modern Parlance Landscape:

FOOD FAIR: On Fabulous Foodie, you’ll find What I Learned at Banbury Food Fair 2016 (Aug 22). The Banbury Town Fair has once again come and gone. As always, there were samples galore to try. We’ve learned over the years that once we’ve nibbled your way through the first batch of booths, had lunch and then nibbled and snacked our way through the rest – the idea of dinner often never occurs to us. But it’s not all about actually eating. It’s also about chatting with people about the food they have brought, prepped, turned into art or just enjoy. It’s an incredibly social occasion and with over 100 vendors, a day full of cooking demos and foodie’s everywhere – I always learn a lot.

Anita Chipalkatty (aka HobbyCooks) explains the ins and outs of making jalfrezi.

Not to be left out, The Banburian has its share of Food Fair action as well. We always enjoy the Food Fair (the samples, the smells, the samples and the new products to discover. Did I mention samples?) but this year was particularly interesting since we got some behind the scenes time at the demos as well. This led to not only having quite a good view of the demos but having a chance in between to chat with the chefs including Jean-Christophe Novelli and Anita Chipalkatty). Modern Parlance Photos was hard at work and you can see the results in Banbury Food Fair 2016 in Photos.

The ladies of Siam House get a selfie with Chef Novelli.

BARKING IN BANBURY: It’s not all food however. On both the Banburian website and Twitter feed, we’ve started featuring the #dogsofbanbury and so far, the results and feedback have far exceeded my expectations. Highlighting local canine cuties is just another way for me to put a “new face” on Banbury and show people that there are many facets to this often overlooked gem of a town.


PHOTO GALLERIES: Speaking of a new way to look at Banburian, there was a new event added to the annual calendar this year – Street Trading Saturday (July 2). Not unsurprisingly, we were there to document to it. A more traditional event on the schedule was Armed Forces Day (June 25) and despite the rain, there was music marching and demonstrations for all.

TRAVELOGUE: From the Greater Gotham summer desk. What makes it a summer desk as opposed to a normal desk? The extra big glass of iced coffee. And the fact that it is covered with notes about my summer holiday.  This year’s summer holiday was – like last year – a trip to one of the many Eurocamp locations and also like last year, in France. Last year we went to La Pointe St. Gilles in Bénodet (a mid-sized site with lovely coastal location just a short stroll into an equally lovely town).  This year we ditched the coast and went a bit more inland to Domaine Des Ormes which was … well, it was big. Quite large, full of activities of all kinds and I must say extremely well laid out. Head on over to Summer Holiday @ Domaine Des Ormes to find out what I thought of the area, the facilities and the trip over.


So a busy summer starts a transition to an equally busy autumn. There are a few more events to attend and document, a possible return to radio, ebooks underway and *fingers crossed* a complimentary white paper or two for download. Tune in for updates!











Full Steam Ahead Into Summer!

Summer has started with an absolute bustle of activity across the the Modern Parlance landscape.

The Banburian, a blog about Banbury and the surrounding areas, launched in May and has already gotten some amazing feedback. The latest posts include a visitor report and a picture gallery from the 2016 Banbury & District Show, a push for outstanding local pet rescue, BARKS whose felines need new sneeze guards and some tips for the Book Mad who might find themselves in Banbury. There’s also a Banburian twitter feed to keep us as up to date as possible with things you want to know, need to know and just may find interesting about the area.


Fabulous Foodie (the very first of the Modern Parlance Blogs) turned 10 years old on June 18. We have talked turkey, gotten baked – uh, I mean, baking – gone multi-media with podcasts  and launched a Fabulous Foodie Facebook group. What a ten years it has been. Can’t wait for the next ten!


Over on Greater Gotham, we’ve refocused on the travel and sight-seeing end of things and there are two new photo galleries – one from a day trip to Lichfield, UK and one featuring the varied and very personal messages you find on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Both are the work and appear courtesy of Modern Parlance’s in-house photographer, dungeekin.


And that’s another exciting expansion, Modern Parlance Photos. We source images and photos for our projects from a number of well-respected and reputable sources but whenever and where ever possible, we like to use our own work. To that end, we have established a number of collections (food, architecture, travel, flora & fauna) and are adding more all the time. These images are suitable for use in ebooks, blogs, social media updates – any sort of digital publication – and we are happy to make them available for use by others upon agreement of terms. Visit our flickr page for an idea of the work we do and if you’re interested in a particular image or set of images, please contact us for details.


Finally, I invite you to visit and “like” the Modern Parlance Facebook page – you will find real time updates on what’s happening on the blogs, on the eBooks front and other Modern Parlance news as well as links I’ve found worth reading – and therefore worth recommending as well.









Helping Felines Stay Flu-Free

B.A.R.K.S. (Banbury Animal Rescue & Kindness Service) is a small, local, self-funding, volunteer-run local charity dedicated to the rescue, care and re-homing of cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents.


We adopted our cat Harry (aka Mr Moustache) from them last year and we were blown away by the dedication, hard-work and care that is taken in all aspects of what they do.

THE SITUATION: BARKS does an amazing job, exceptionally impressive when you consider they don’t have much of a budget. But they have a particular challenge facing them at the moment – sneeze barriers. Continue reading “Helping Felines Stay Flu-Free”

Popping up on Podcasts

Now, I did say in “Hittin’ the Airwaves” that when I had the audio, I would share my appearance on the Banburyshire show from the other day. Thanks to Ian for getting me the file.

If you missed that post, here’s the situation – I was invited to be a guest on The Banburyshire Show on Puritans Radio. It’s a bit of music and a lot of chat about local businesses, highlights and issues. I was there to talk about two of my favourite things – Banbury and content marketing. For convenience, the segment is split into two sections. Part 1 is about Banbury and history. Part 2 is content marketing part of the segment.

Part 1: Chatting About Banbury (runs about 8 minutes)

Part 2: Talking Content (runs about 11 minutes)

And as long as we’re talking podcasting and radio, it’s worth mentioning that there are three Fabulous Foodie podcasts for your listening pleasure over on the Modern Parlance YouTube site.

  • What is a sandwich: I have my views on what makes a sandwich a sandwich but I am shot down by the legal facts, courtesy of my fellow foodies
  • Food fears and freezers: What foods do you fear eating? What have you not tried making because you’re worried it’ll all go wrong? And more frightening than all of that – what lurks in the dark corners of the freezer?
  • Bundt pans:  a very small but very important point about Bundt pans and ‘one use’ kitchenalia.

Hittin’ the Airwaves

So, I spent part of yesterday talking about two of my favourite things – Banbury and content marketing – when I appeared as a guest on The Banburyshire Show on Puritans Radio. It’s a bit of music and a lot of chat about local businesses, highlights and issues.  Once the podscast is available, I’ll post a link.


I look a bit windblown – but winter decided to FINALLY arrive yesterday. The day I decide I’ll walk to the studio. Oy!  But that’s the beauty of radio – no one cares what your hair looks like. Until the host takes a picture (and thank you to Ian for the pic!) It’s one of the few pictures of myself that doesn’t make want to start photoshopping like crazy.

Oh well, enough about me. What about the show?

Continue reading “Hittin’ the Airwaves”

Autumnal Authorial Update

The temps are dropping, articles are going up and ebooks are on the way. It’s been a busy few weeks in my corner of the writing world.

knife&forkAnother Banburyshire Info restaurant review published – this one for Knife & Fork, my first experience with pop-up restaurants and I’ll be honest, I had very little idea what to expect. I knew it wouldn’t be like dining in a regular restaurant – set menu, for one thing. In short, I loved it – the food and the unique dining experience. Will definitely do it again and keen to seek out others. Have you been to a pop-up or home hosted restaurant? What did you think?

Finished editing another ebook for Modern Parlance Press for one of my favourite writers- a sci-fi short story collection (coming out soon – more to follow as soon as I can on this). As noted by the author, the single author short story collection isn’t as commonly seen these days. Oh there are some but many fewer than when I was young. I had tons of them growing up – almost all mysteries. There’s something deliciously bite-sized about a well-constructed short story.

BI_logoWrote a series of featured articles for Banburyshire Info on organic cosmetics. Learned some interesting – and surprising – stuff about what can and cannot be deemed organic in the cosmetics marketplace. It’s much less regulated than organic food in this way.

Two new Banbury pieces that came out of my habit of over-researching for something else.


  • Boo! Haunted Banbury” just a smidgen too late for Halloween but never mind. It’s read for next year and I am sure Father Bernard (the resident ghost at Whatley Hall) won’t mind waiting. He’s been doing so for centuries!