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Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays

This ebook edition of William Hazlitt’s classic of 19th-century literary criticism – Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays – is part of Modern Parlance’s effort to shine a light on outstanding but often forgotten writing and criticism of the past. The book features not only the original text but also paintings, engravings and photographs of Shakespearean characters… Read More »

Drowning the Silence: Now Available

As promised, more information on Dan Geoghan (who kindly agreed to be Modern Parlance’s eBook guinea pig) and about his book, Drowning the Silence. Every break up has a soundtrack – bits of songs, that voice in your head, advice from others and all sorts of other sounds. In Dan’s case, the soundtrack features Johnny… Read More »

The 2012 Personal Parlance Wrap Up

Yes, I know – the End of Year wrap up post is SUCH a cliche. But it’s cliche for a reason. People read them. I know I do. If only because during the year there is a lot to keep up with and I know I’ve likely missed something. Wrap ups are a great way… Read More »