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Highly Recommended Reading on Writing

I cannot recommend this piece – The Writing Revolution by Peg Tyre – highly enough. “Students’ inability to translate thoughts into coherent, well-argued sentences, paragraphs, and essays was severely impeding intellectual growth in many subjects.” Yes, damn it – writing! It doesn’t have to be art but it must be correct and clear. Grammar, spelling… Read More »

A Lifetime of Learning At Your Fingertips

Am busy compiling detailed post on online resources for continuing and self-guided education but as part of the research for that, I came across these GEMS and had to share RIGHT away. And 60 Second Adventures in Economics isn’t to be missed either. Frankly, I am in danger of getting utterly distracted by all the… Read More »

Ignoring Incorrectness

“How many is you got?” the shop assistant asked as we headed toward the dressing room. I winced. Not because I’d stubbed my toe or had just been found out in a sad attempt to take more items into the dressing room than was permitted. No, I winced because I’d once again smacked up against… Read More »

It’s Not About Liking It, It’s About KNOWING It

So, they don’t want to “focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation” because they say “such an approach will turn pupils off the subject.” Well, I’m not an English teacher but if I’ve heard school kids on both sides of the Atlantic and you know, some grammar drills, some sentence diagramming – might do them some… Read More »

ABCs and 123s

Up until today, I had never heard of the Simplified Spelling Society and quite frankly, I wish I hadn’t now.