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Indexing: Back When, Right Now, Some Day

Indexing – what we did in the past, what we’re doing now and what we will do in the future – is being discussed a lot these days. In case you missed some of the more recent items (which I did what with moving across the oceans, getting married and trying to keep up with… Read More »

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même index

At some time or another, most jobs have to adapt (change, evolve, etc.) in order to survive. Indexing is no exception. I do know a few indexers who still work primarily in cards but no longer can they deliver their work to clients in anything other than electronic form. Most of us use specialized indexing… Read More »

Wherefore Art Thou, Index

Don’t worry. This is not a post about Boris Johnson as so many of those on my personal blog are. Well, in a tangential way it is about Boris but only because it is one of Boris’ books in front of me this morning. My beef at the moment is books that should have indexes… Read More »