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A Voice in the Wilderness

In case you were still trying to decide between Amazon Echo and Google Home, Apple’s HomePod (delayed from last year) is now due in ‘early 2018.’ Now, I can’t say when ‘early 2018’ definitely is but I know what a third player in the smart speaker space definitely means. It means that voice’s share of… Read More »

5 Tips for Content Marketing Newbies

I’ve always tried to explain digital and content marketing in ways that non-marketers can understand. Jargon makes people nervous and puts them off. It makes them feel like things are too complicated for them.  That isn’t the type of relationship I want you to have with your content marketing. We’ve talked before about how small… Read More »

Digital: A Big Boost for Small Biz

Technology has given people more information and choice than ever before when it comes to purchasing products or services and that means customers are now firmly in a position of power in the consumer relationship. This means retailers, brands and service providers are havingt to work harder than ever to meet – and wherever possible… Read More »

Searching Out Stock Photos

Does the cost of stock photography sometimes leave you reeling? Join the club! I’ve been shopping for and using stock photos for over 25 years and there are still times the price tag can leave me speechless. Not surprising then that so many of us end up Googling phrases like “free stock photos” or “hi-res… Read More »

The Dreaded Content Audit

The Content Audit: What Horrors Await? (via business2community) Ask someone to perform a content audit, and it sounds pretty straightforward. Sit down to actually perform a content audit, and you’ll find yourself in a circle of hell that Dante dared not speak of. Stranded preposition aside (I know it’s not technically wrong but it irks… Read More »

Make Your Message “Findable”

Emphasis on Content Marketing Revives Agency SEO Efforts and Revenues (via Advertising Age) “What good is digital content if no one can find it?” I ask this all the time – not only in regards to SEO (which this article is about) but over and over again in design meetings and conversations about user experience.… Read More »

Advice Gotten or Given Over the Years

When someone asks me – before any details are provided or discussed – how much a website is going to cost, I usually respond with, “I don’t know. How much does a car cost?” And when they say, “That depends on the car.” I answer, “Precisely.” That next generation of donors – the ones you… Read More »