My Latest Reading

Early December through early January is traditionally a slow month for me – clients are winding things up, people go on holidays, the accounting departments suddenly have a lot to do. So I find myself using that time to catch up on articles I’ve bookmarked or white papers I’ve saved ‘to be read’ later.  Here’s a small sample of what I’ve perused while taking down decorations, sipping mulled wine and generally eating too much.

In other news across the Modern Parlance landscape:

2017 promises to be another year of interesting projects, ebooks and more radio appearances (doing a regular stint on the local food and travel show – more on that later). If you’ve got any must read articles or big news, let us know!







Short Month, Busy Month

Been a hugely busy month so far here at Modern Parlance. The blogs have had a bit of a redesign, the Modern Parlance website is crisp and working well and I’m awash in a world of words.  I’ve been outlining – actual outlining – for an upcoming food piece I’m rather excited about (more on that later). I can’t recall the last time I did an actual formal outline. I always make notes and I even do roughly outline-shaped things when organizing my thoughts but it’s been quite a while since I actually did one in this level of detail. It’s been … oddly, pleasing.

There is editing ongoing – interesting stuff about content marketing for a new remote client. I love a remote client. Go global or go home. Oh wait – I’m already home! The joy of working in my slippers never fades. There was a new restaurant review – this time we reviewed Castle at Edgehill, a place to please foodies and history buffs so you can imagine how much we enjoyed it.


But busy as I am (and better busy than bored), I’ve still had time to curl up with stories from across my relevant interests – food, content marketing, cats and Shakespeare. First up, food! Continue reading “Short Month, Busy Month”

Popping up on Podcasts

Now, I did say in “Hittin’ the Airwaves” that when I had the audio, I would share my appearance on the Banburyshire show from the other day. Thanks to Ian for getting me the file.

If you missed that post, here’s the situation – I was invited to be a guest on The Banburyshire Show on Puritans Radio. It’s a bit of music and a lot of chat about local businesses, highlights and issues. I was there to talk about two of my favourite things – Banbury and content marketing. For convenience, the segment is split into two sections. Part 1 is about Banbury and history. Part 2 is content marketing part of the segment.

Part 1: Chatting About Banbury (runs about 8 minutes)

Part 2: Talking Content (runs about 11 minutes)

And as long as we’re talking podcasting and radio, it’s worth mentioning that there are three Fabulous Foodie podcasts for your listening pleasure over on the Modern Parlance YouTube site.

  • What is a sandwich: I have my views on what makes a sandwich a sandwich but I am shot down by the legal facts, courtesy of my fellow foodies
  • Food fears and freezers: What foods do you fear eating? What have you not tried making because you’re worried it’ll all go wrong? And more frightening than all of that – what lurks in the dark corners of the freezer?
  • Bundt pans:  a very small but very important point about Bundt pans and ‘one use’ kitchenalia.

Hittin’ the Airwaves

So, I spent part of yesterday talking about two of my favourite things – Banbury and content marketing – when I appeared as a guest on The Banburyshire Show on Puritans Radio. It’s a bit of music and a lot of chat about local businesses, highlights and issues.  Once the podscast is available, I’ll post a link.


I look a bit windblown – but winter decided to FINALLY arrive yesterday. The day I decide I’ll walk to the studio. Oy!  But that’s the beauty of radio – no one cares what your hair looks like. Until the host takes a picture (and thank you to Ian for the pic!) It’s one of the few pictures of myself that doesn’t make want to start photoshopping like crazy.

Oh well, enough about me. What about the show?

Continue reading “Hittin’ the Airwaves”

Content and Creators

5 Invaluable Ingredients to Managing Your Global Content Strategy: (via Huffington Post Blog)

“Hiring great writers, developing effective processes, and implementing the proper infrastructure will streamline your company’s content production.”

While I loathe the word “ideate” (step 2) with the heat of a thousand suns, I will overlook it in celebration of “plan” being step 1. Planning is as overlooked as it is critical. Oh and hiring great writers does not mean hiring the cheapest writers. It means finding the writer that is right for the piece (or pieces) you need and paying them a reasonable fee. I’m looking at YOU, Craigslist gig posters and people who think it’s just dumping words on a page. As someone who operates on both sides of the writer/employer engagement, I speak from experience when I say, “You get what you pay for.”

10 Types of People Who Will Help Your Business Succeed (via

“Whoever creates the most contagious content controls the conversation.”

I’m more a combination “bookwork/wordsmith’ myself – with a dash of superconnector. Hire me and get 2 for 1 🙂

Is it news or isn’t it?

Should journalism worry about content marketing? (via Columbia Journalism Review):  At a glance, the Daily Growl could be any morning news meeting held in the “win the internet through pet videos” bureau of a lavishly funded media startup.

The “compare and contrast content marketing with journalism” aside, what struck me is the description of Purina’s social media and content marketing efforts. An inside view of what a fully committed content marketing program looks, sounds and behaves like.

Make Your Message “Findable”

searchEmphasis on Content Marketing Revives Agency SEO Efforts and Revenues (via Advertising Age)

“What good is digital content if no one can find it?”

I ask this all the time – not only in regards to SEO (which this article is about) but over and over again in design meetings and conversations about user experience. 10 seconds, 2 scrolls, 3 clicks and they’re … if you’re lucky.