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A Voice in the Wilderness

In case you were still trying to decide between Amazon Echo and Google Home, Apple’s HomePod (delayed from last year) is now due in ‘early 2018.’ Now, I can’t say when ‘early 2018’ definitely is but I know what a third player in the smart speaker space definitely means. It means that voice’s share of… Read More »

Pre-Turkey News Round Up

It’s just about the time when my friends and family back in the US are finalizing the side dishes, double checking the turkey cooking time calculations and deciding which football game to watch on the big day. Since moving to the UK, my Thanksgiving schedule is a lot less hectic so I thought I would… Read More »

My Latest Reading

Early December through early January is traditionally a slow month for me – clients are winding things up, people go on holidays, the accounting departments suddenly have a lot to do. So I find myself using that time to catch up on articles I’ve bookmarked or white papers I’ve saved ‘to be read’ later.  Here’s… Read More »

Hittin’ the Airwaves

So, I spent part of yesterday talking about two of my favourite things – Banbury and content marketing – when I appeared as a guest on The Banburyshire Show on Puritans Radio. It’s a bit of music and a lot of chat about local businesses, highlights and issues.  Once the podscast is available, I’ll post… Read More »

Dons a Critic Hat

Have I mentioned that I am now food and restaurant critic for Banburyshire Info? It’s a site for those who live, work and enjoy all that Banbury and its surrounding area have to offer.  My first review was for The Inn at Farnborough and my latest one – about Knife & Fork in Bicester has… Read More »

Content and Creators

5 Invaluable Ingredients to Managing Your Global Content Strategy: (via Huffington Post Blog) “Hiring great writers, developing effective processes, and implementing the proper infrastructure will streamline your company’s content production.” While I loathe the word “ideate” (step 2) with the heat of a thousand suns, I will overlook it in celebration of “plan” being step… Read More »

Is it news or isn’t it?

Should journalism worry about content marketing? (via Columbia Journalism Review):  At a glance, the Daily Growl could be any morning news meeting held in the “win the internet through pet videos” bureau of a lavishly funded media startup. The “compare and contrast content marketing with journalism” aside, what struck me is the description of Purina’s… Read More »

Culinary Link Love: British Pie Week

Four pie shortcuts for British Pie Week (via From stocking up on ready-made pastry, to using up leftovers – here’s how to shave time off making a pie. Being short on time doesn’t mean you must forgo the delicious joys of British Pie week. Check out this piece which includes a few time-saving tips… Read More »