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My Latest Reading

Early December through early January is traditionally a slow month for me – clients are winding things up, people go on holidays, the accounting departments suddenly have a lot to do. So I find myself using that time to catch up on articles I’ve bookmarked or white papers I’ve saved ‘to be read’ later.  Here’s… Read More »

Highly Recommended Reading on Writing

I cannot recommend this piece – The Writing Revolution by Peg Tyre – highly enough. “Students’ inability to translate thoughts into coherent, well-argued sentences, paragraphs, and essays was severely impeding intellectual growth in many subjects.” Yes, damn it – writing! It doesn’t have to be art but it must be correct and clear. Grammar, spelling… Read More »

Books, Books, Everywhere

For some, books are a necessity. Oh sure – they aren’t quite as critical as air, water and basic sustenance. But one step up from the ACTUAL necessities, you will find books. You will also find coffee, chocolate and cheese but that’s another topic for another blog. Books are all over Transatlantic Towers despite our… Read More »