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Dealing with Unwanted Gifts

We all know it’s the thought that counts but let’s face facts. It doesn’t always make sense to keep everyone’s ‘thoughtfulness.’ It may duplicate something you have, be utterly opposed to your taste or lifestyle. Or it may – the truth hurts – be utter crap. So, what do you do after you smile sweetly… Read More »

Dons a Critic Hat

Have I mentioned that I am now food and restaurant critic for Banburyshire Info? It’s a site for those who live, work and enjoy all that Banbury and its surrounding area have to offer.  My first review was for The Inn at Farnborough and my latest one – about Knife & Fork in Bicester has… Read More »

Mapping By The Book

6 years ago, the New York Times published the Literary Map of Manhattan, illustrating where books and stories that take place in Manhattan – well, took place. I loved it. I loved how Manhattan and some of my favorite works fit together. I even enjoyed seeing how it fit with stuff that was not one… Read More »

Color and News Commentary

So – I have recovered from my “is grammar really THAT hard” rant of the other week and restrained myself from further ranting about the state of communicating generally between then and now. This was no mean feat, I assure you. I had rants ready to go about everything from: the dying art of thank… Read More »

Ignoring Incorrectness

“How many is you got?” the shop assistant asked as we headed toward the dressing room. I winced. Not because I’d stubbed my toe or had just been found out in a sad attempt to take more items into the dressing room than was permitted. No, I winced because I’d once again smacked up against… Read More »

My Message To Plagiarists

Obviously – plagiarism is bad. Don’t do it. But honestly, today I came across someone who had not only done so but had selected the worst source material in the world to steal and claim as their own. It was riddled with grammatical errors and contained some of the clunkiest sentences I have seen since… Read More »

Books: Gifts That Keep On Giving

With the holidays fast approaching and the – OMG! It’s Dec 23rd and I haven’t finished wrapping! Hold on, I’ll be right back. . . . Right, done. Let’s begin again. With the holidays fast approaching and the gifts piling up, I can’t help but recall some of the gifts I’ve gotten in the past… Read More »