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Shakespeare & Anchovies? Of Course!

I love a bit of the Bard. And spending as much time as I do on the subject of food, it isnt really surprising that I found a culinary approach to Shakespeare as I tend to do for nearly everything else. I first touched on this ages an ages ago on Fabulous Foodie in a… Read More »

Digital: A Big Boost for Small Biz

Technology has given people more information and choice than ever before when it comes to purchasing products or services and that means customers are now firmly in a position of power in the consumer relationship. This means retailers, brands and service providers are havingt to work harder than ever to meet – and wherever possible… Read More »

Blogging Heats Up Over July

There were so many things I should have been doing in July – wen won’t even discuss how much more attention the garden needs or the every growing list of small jobs that need doing around the house. But July is – and always has been – an especially foodie month for me so it’s… Read More »

June: Bustin’ Out All Over

June was all about the attempt to a) stay cool and b) keep the mint from taking over the whole of the back garden. The mint question was addressed early. My Own Mock-jito: As the month started, I was in that “create my own drink” mode again. Last time the result was a cranky apple/pom… Read More »

From May Day to Memorial Day

May. Bookended by holidays, summer dancing tantalizingly close and for many, graduations loom large. It’s been a long time since I had to worry about any sort of graduation but the whole holiday and summer part? Yes, that’s very much part of my May experience. So were these topics: Super Easy Two Ingredient Biscuits: Biscuits… Read More »

My April Content Line-Up

Kicking off the month was a piece I had great fun writing – We think… we could learn a thing or two from American tourists.” It appeared in the April 2015 issue of The Club, a monthly digital magazine for British Airways’ Executive Club members and was that month’s installment of the “We think …” series. Travel aside,… Read More »