June 2017: Bustin’ Out All Over

By | 06/30/2017

Is it just me or did June just happen in a flash? We were so busy this month that we didn’t really slow down at any point – except briefly during the heatwave. And that’s saying something because I find it difficult to ‘get up and go’ when the weather is hot and humid. Luckily, the temps didn’t stay sky high for too long and we kept right on going. So what have we been up to this month?

ModParlPhotos has been a particularly busy bee this month. Only this week his photos appeared in the Banbury Cake, the Oxford Mail, the Banbury Guardian and on the Four Shires magazine website.

I’ve not been idle either. A Guide to Classic NYC Foods – written for British Airways is my latest piece; all about iconic New York dishes and where to find them. No list like this is ever definitive – especially when talking about a a place such as New York, where sensations, trends and fads can morph in classics seemingly overnight. And of course, lists like this are utterly subjective. Within hours of publication, one of my dearest friends and I agreed to disagree on my choice of steakhouse. I’ve include Peter Lugers in the article – citing its iconic and long-standing position in the culinary landscape. I also have a personal fondness for it. Remind me to tell you the ‘schlag’ story one day. Anyway, he doesn’t care particularly for Lugers and prefers Keen’s. And while I say we disagreed – honestly, I’m rather fond of his choice of Keen’s. It’s a first rate steakhouse and (shhhhh) a lot easier to get to than Lugers.

Fabulous Foodie finally got its own Twitter handle this month – you can find @modparlfood. People had been asking and asking about and I know it’s been far too long a time coming but at last you can follow, tweet, retweet and like as much as you like and we’ll do the same to you 🙂 Of course, you’ve still got the blog the Fabulous Foodie blog to delve into culinary curiosities more deeply (not everything can be said in 140 characters, after all) and you can chat with others on the Fabulous Foodie Facebook group. It’s amazing the weird and wonderful things that group manages to find and share. Such great tips too.

It wasn’t all about Twitter for Fab Foodie though – not with summer holidays and higher temps all over the place.  No, there was blogging as well with:

The Banburian has also been quite busy – and not surprising this event season has finally kicked off!

  • We went to the Banbury & District Show  (check out our recap and photos on The Banburian). It was terrific – bigger than ever and as always, really popular. It’s not very often you get such a significant annual event with free admission, lots of free activities for the kids, and so much to do and see.
  • A recent interview on ‘Jones on Food and Radio’ with the local micropub proprietor prompted a piece – Micropubs: Small Space, Big Idea – on the micropub trend, featuring some of the local options for those who want to see what all the fuss is about
  • Our #GetThereFromBanbury entry for the month was all about the iconic houses and estates in the area – Castles and Manors and Gardens! Oh my!  Wondering about the hashtag? It came out of this idea that there is an impressive array of events and places of interest within a reasonable distance of town so if you can #GetThereFromBanbury (where ever there is) within an hour or less, it qualified for the hashtag.
  • We had the most amazing day at the Flywheel Festival held at Bicester Heritage. It was really quite something and I can only hope our review and pictures – Fantastic Fun at Flywheel – do it justice.

And it doesn’t seem like July is going to slow down much either. Stay tuned all, we’ve got a lot coming up!

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