Keeping Busy as Temperatures Drop

By | 11/14/2017

Been was a busy old time at Modern Parlance as summer came to a close and the temperatures began to drop.

ON THE AIR:  Occasionally, my work and my voice escape the confines of the Modern Parlance blog network.

  • Jones on Food & Travel Show: Over the past year or so (can’t believe it’s been that long), this has morphed from a single segment to a full-blown co-presenting gig. Not a complaint – far from it. Just an observation. And for the last few months, I’ve been joined by Fab Foodie co-blogger (and wine hero – yes, that is actually his title) Patrick Loomer. You can listen to the last few installments (Sept, Oct, and Nov) over on the Banburian.  We’ll be doing our holiday show December 4 – so tune in via Puritans Radio website or catch up once links are posted to the Modern Parlance facebook page, the Banburian blog or the Fabulous Foodie Twitter feed.

ON FABULOUS FOODIE: it’s not all the glamour of radio, you know. Blogging and writing will always be where I turn first to get my culinary views across.

ON THE BANBURIAN: Busy, busy, always busy – there is so much happening around Banbury all the time. I don’t honestly think people realise it sometimes.

  • A Visit to Church Lane:’ Some days, a wander into town is just a wander into town. But on other days – like today, there are new destinations to explore, new activities to engage in and there is always cake.
  • Banbury at Holiday Time: count down to dogs in holiday jumpers – the big Christmas Lights Switch On and Festive market.
  • Canal Day 2017 in Pictures: One of the biggest events in the Banbury Events calendar almost didn’t happen this year – Canal Day was going to be pre-empted by construction but as is so often the case – things didn’t start as early as originally planned so Canal Day was back on.
  • Shoptober 2017 – Banbury Indies: A 2017 update of last year’s very popular Shoptober A-Z of some of the local Banbury independent shops.

  • Old Town Summer Party 2017: The 2017 edition of the Banbury Old Town Summer Party was in full swing last Saturday with music, food, lots of stuff for the kids and independent retailers strutting their costumed stuff down Parsons Street and Church Lane.
  • Banbury Food Fair 2017: What It Takes: It’s no surprise that Banbury Food Fair is one of my favourite local events – I mean, hello? Food! But as as someone with events management lurking in her background, I also know about (and appreciate) the tremendous amount of effort you don’t see ‘on the day’ – from official bodies and beyond.



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