Pre-Turkey News Round Up

By | 11/21/2017

It’s just about the time when my friends and family back in the US are finalizing the side dishes, double checking the turkey cooking time calculations and deciding which football game to watch on the big day. Since moving to the UK, my Thanksgiving schedule is a lot less hectic so I thought I would take the opportunity to do a quick pre-Thanksgiving News Round Up of a few stories that have caught my content management eye lately.

An announcement from National Geographic had me practically dancing a jig – they are launching new monthly magazine dedicated to food!

Between this and the arrival of Atlas Obscura’s new food vertical – Gastro Obscura, my Fabulous Foodie reading list is set for the foreseeable future.

Anyone who has spent any time discussing content management with me knows how I feel about content audits. No, I don’t hate them – I am very much in favor of them. And you should be too. Sure, the word ‘audit’ can sound daunting but don’t let that put you off the idea of a content audit. Think of it this way – you won’t get far without an understanding of where you’ve been, where you want to go, what you’ve got and what you still need to get there. Review your assets, fill in the gaps, trim back the overgrowth and make a plan. That’s why I was delighted to see ‘What Is a Content Audit and Why Do You Need One?‘ on Contently.

And it’s not just Contently that have pointed this out – Search Engine Journal published ‘Here’s Why You Can’t Succeed Without a Content Gap Analysis‘ making many of the same points – and using a great metaphor:

Have you ever tried to bake cookies without a recipe? Perhaps you miss the baking soda, and your cookies don’t rise. One time when I was a kid I actually even mixed up the salt and the sugar. Let’s just say the cookies didn’t turn out well.  A recipe website would not last long if they only provided you with half the ingredient list or left out key steps along the way. Their users would have to go somewhere else to fill in the gaps, and you can bet they wouldn’t be coming back. The truth is, your content strategy is no different than a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It even comes up in industry specific content marketing coverage – Give Me an ‘S’—The Missing Ingredient in Law Firm Content Marketing  (law); How to Audit Your Ecommerce Content, and Why (retail) and it even came up as a vital element in destination management marketing (aka tourism) in this case study of how the National Trust turned around its problematic website.

Want to find out more about content audits and how I can help you with yours.? Get in touch – I’d be happy to walk you through it.

Then there was this, from Josh Fechter – Co-Founder of BAMF Media, on why Lyft didn’t hire him. As I read it, I found myself nodding madly. Yes, yes – a million times yes! Throw out the damned binders. Stop pigeonholing people into narrowly defined, pre-defined roles that have nothing to do with YOUR business, YOUR goals and YOUR challenges. Figure out what you need done and find someone who can craft a solution for you! Hire a problem solver, not a paper pusher. Hire someone who makes things happen rather than someone who waits for instructions. Hire someone who connects the dots rather than someone who sees only what is right in front of them. Broad-based experience and a generalist outlook every time. No one can see the big picture from deep inside a specialist silo. Sure, you need people with particular talents and skills – but stop being focused on ticking off lists of certs and look at what people have done, who they are, what value they can add.

And finally, I am not always thinking about work. Occasionally I think about holidays and getting away from it all. Specifically, I am thinking about doing just that very soon. The result was a post for Greater Gotham Going Global – Great Deals on Mid-Winter Travel Must Haves. A sunny getaway is the solution in our house for mid-winter blahs. Luckily for me (and the rest of the December/January sun seekers) there are plenty of great holiday deals on all sorts of useful travel gear.

Until next post, my friends. Keep reading, keep commenting and let me know if you find anything interesting.

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