Short Month, Busy Month

By | 02/12/2016

Been a hugely busy month so far here at Modern Parlance. The blogs have had a bit of a redesign, the Modern Parlance website is crisp and working well and I’m awash in a world of words.  I’ve been outlining – actual outlining – for an upcoming food piece I’m rather excited about (more on that later). I can’t recall the last time I did an actual formal outline. I always make notes and I even do roughly outline-shaped things when organizing my thoughts but it’s been quite a while since I actually did one in this level of detail. It’s been … oddly, pleasing.

There is editing ongoing – interesting stuff about content marketing for a new remote client. I love a remote client. Go global or go home. Oh wait – I’m already home! The joy of working in my slippers never fades. There was a new restaurant review – this time we reviewed Castle at Edgehill, a place to please foodies and history buffs so you can imagine how much we enjoyed it.


But busy as I am (and better busy than bored), I’ve still had time to curl up with stories from across my relevant interests – food, content marketing, cats and Shakespeare. First up, food!

The Ridiculous Rise of Viral Food and the Great Line Apocalypse from ‘Grub Street’ in New York Magazine
There is a world of food out there – some amazing food, food worth making a plan for, food worth making a reservation WAY in advance for – but very little of it, in my opinion, is worth a 2 hour wait in line.

The Ingredient Scrambled Eggs Are Always Missing from epicurious
Now, scrambled eggs are one of those things people hold VIEWS on – but my preference for soft/firm/with cheese/without can depend on my mood. I am TOTALLY on board with the addition of a certain amount of really good cheese to a scramble now and again, however.

From the world of content marketing:

Specifically mega-successful content marketing campaigns – I found that there were new DEAR KITTEN VIDEOS! There are several – including the “Beginnings,” “Forbidden Water Bowl,” “Bathing Your Human,” “The Vertical Carpet,” and “The Art of Massage” but this is my favourite of the new batch. Regarding Friendship.

What happened when Burberry announced Brooklyn Beckham was shooting the campaign for their new fragrance? Wailing and gnashing of teeth! (‘Sheer nepotism’: Brooklyn Beckham Burberry shoot angers photographers) and then a bit of perspective (Let’s not confuse art with marketing). We hear “Content is King” all the time. Occasionally we hear that “Content is King but distribution is Queen.” Here, we see “It’s the messenger, not the message” driving one of the biggest marketing stories of the day.

How Often Should You Publish? Moz and HubSpot’s New Experiment Gives a Surprising Answer from Contently was very timely discovery for me (it’s from late last year but I’d onlly just seen it) as I’d been discussing just this with someone the other day. All of the most effective content strategies will be bespoke. Everyone or every organization has its own offering, positioning and audience. One size simply cannot fit all when it comes to content strategy – trial and error inevitable when looking for best mix for you to reach your goal.

And finally, a bit of the Bard. As I have mentioned, this year is Shakespeare 400 and I’ll be sharing events as I find them from all over the world. My own contribution to all things Bardish – an illustrated edition of Hazlitt’s Character’s of Shakespeare’s Plays is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you feel like “”getting your Shakespeare on” from the comfort of your own sofa.

New Shakespeare exhibition includes copy of plays read by Charles I as he awaited execution Coinciding with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, exhibition at Windsor Castle traces Royal family’s enduring love of the Bard

Glenda Jackson – having retired from Parliament and returned to acting is going to play … wait for it … King LEAR!  Now, I don’t have any strong feelings about Glenda Jackson myself (she tends to engender STRONG opinions in others I know) but I find the idea of her playing Lear fascinating.

In Washington DC, the Shakespeare Theatre Company has announced its Shakespeare400 season

There’s a Shakespeare in Art exhibit at Compton Verney in Warwickshire – coordinated in partnership with the RSC – it opens  on March 19 and runs until June 19.

And now I must run – work awaits. More to come. As I said, it’s been busy.


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  1. Monkey

    I lived in Anchorage (actually EAFB) when I was little and one of my favorite memories of living up there was going to the Tastee Freeze out on Raspberry Rd. Too bad I live 3000 miles away, otherwise I’d be there in a second after reading your blog!! As a matter of fact, this entry is truly a potential diwrretecke-… should come with a warning or something 🙂


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