The Shortest Month, Busy Again

By | 02/12/2017

Better busy than bored, I always say – no really, I say this all the time. Ask anyone. And somehow, February, short though it is always manages to be super busy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a quick update from the Modern Parlance media landscape and that’s what I have on my to do list for today.

On the Banburian, I’ve got the most recent editions of ‘Jones on Food and Travel‘ for your listening pleasure. What is it, you ask? A travel and food show hosted by photographer and travel writer Peter Jones who was kind enough to invite me to do a weekly spot called Deborah Dishes on Food. I’ve talked Peach Melba, food worth traveling for, national dishes and wacky food festivals. Also – I get to be a food taster every other week. We’ve tried everything from cheese to Caribbean food, fish and chips to pork pies. And chocolate. My goodness, the chocolate.



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