The ‘Where Has Summer Gone?’ Update

By | 08/18/2017

Summer is always pretty busy around here but this summer has been especially so. Local event season started a few weeks later than usual but went from 0 to 60 in no time flat. We mentioned the first batch of events in the June update and then we got so busy in July, we didn’t have time to post. Let’s not dwell on what we didn’t get done. Let’s talk about what we WERE doing.

Greater Gotham Going Global

Our travel blog headed to Brittany once more for a follow up visit to Domaine Des Ormes. In the lead up to that, we collected lots of advice and ideas for making the most of self-catering holidays – what to bring, what not to bring, how to pack, how eating on holiday differs than eating at home.

We had published Taking Stock for Self-Catering Holidays back in June along with the Fabulous Foodie follow up On ‘Catering’ Your Self-Catering Holiday. But I did a couple of follow ups in July – Dining Differently on Holiday which appeared on Fabulous Foodie and a quick preview of the trip called Let the Holiday Begin just before we left. Happy to say that with just a small hiccup or two, it was all we wanted in the holiday.  Check out the full review – Domaine Des Ormes: The Return.

Ziplining is just one of the many activities on offer; one ModParlPhotos & Sprog were keen on. I stayed on the ground.

Also in Greater Gotham Going Global, I took a look back at my last trip to Israel which was – hard as it is for me to believe – 10 years ago now.

The Banburian

The Banburian is always super busy this time of year. We have the Banbury Food Fair coming up this Sunday and there will be a lot of blogging about that – both on the Banburian and Fabulous Foodie (as there was last year as well). A quick preview for the 2017 show is up now – stay tuned for more early next week on that topic.

Speaking of food events, we had a sort of warm up – or what we had hopped would be a warm up foodie event in Warwick last month but their much-ballyhooed Warwick Chilli & Cheese Festival was disappointing in that it lacked cheese. Quite a thing to overlook at a Chilli & Cheese Festival, right? Luckily the weekend wasn’t a complete washout – we spent the day before at BodFest 2017 and that was sort of amazing.

We also did a couple of posts for #BlackCatAppreciationDay — Black Cat Appreciation Day: Banburian Edition and Black Cats of Banbury – partially because I can’t resist a chance to brag about my beautiful in-house mini-panther, Gumbo and also in support of a local pet rescue, BARKS.

But lest you think Banbury is only of interest when an event is on, it’s worth noting that I’ve lately taken to doing early morning walks into town – Walking the Walk in Banbury – and I have to say, there’s a lovely bustle in the town centre as shops do that last bit of prep to open, the sun isn’t all that hot yet and the people moving about are moving with purpose  – going to work, on deliveries, doing set up, etc.

Fabulous Foodie

It’s funny how often food content ends up on other blogs – the Banburian and Fabulous Foodie are particularly prone to this content cross pollination since much of the local food scene is of interest to both audiences. But Fabulous Foodie does have its unique content as well

We reviewed the first episode of Nadiya Hussain’s new BBC show Nadiya’s British Food Adventure – we love Nadiya at Fabulous foodie. Her joy and enjoyment at cooking and surrounding food is lovely to see. She has the most expressive face and though she’s obviously fully prepped and I’m sure everything is mapped out pretty closely (cooking shows where actual cooking happens are pretty choreographed affairs), she’s still very natural and relaxed about it.

As usual, Fabulous Foodie covered some of the culinary news headlines of the month as well in both the Grumpy Old Lady News Peruse and the Hot as Heck News Peruse.

A hack is when you change the purpose or way you use something. Swapping an ingredient or adding an element to a smore is not a hack. Unless it makes the smore useful for hanging wall paper …

Jones on Food & Travel took August off – I was away and Peter was busy putting together a particularly good show for Sept 4. Bonus this month will be Patrick, my fellow Fabulous Foodie, rejoining us to talk wine. You will not want to miss it. As always, you can listen live on Puritan’s Radio (10am-1pm on the day) or you can catch up afterwards with our dropbox link/streaming option over on the show’s landing page.

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